Strategic Advisory Services

Do you have a strong technical team that needs the guidance of a senior leader, just not all of the time? With options ranging from 10%-50% of a full-time CTO’s workload, you can choose the level of support that best fits your needs and budget. Jim brings a wealth of technical expertise and business acumen to the table, and is ready to help you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology and drive your business forward.

Jim will help you grow your development organization, accelerating business growth and helping you achieve your strategic objectives by focusing on these key areas:

  1. Team structure - from product design to operations
  2. Collaborative culture
  3. Right sized process
  4. Training and upskilling
  5. Tools and technology selection
  6. Grow senior developers into development leaders

Jim will also help you with your strategic planning, including:

  1. Creating a technology strategy that aligns with your business strategy
  2. Evaluating and selecting the right technology for your business
  3. Creating a roadmap and budget to achieve your technology strategy
  4. Implementing the roadmap
  5. Preparing your software teams for Mergers & Acquisitions either as the buyer or the seller

Jim will further help you with your technology operations, including:

  1. Working with your CISO and CIO to ensure your development teams support your security and compliance needs
  2. Managing relationships with your technology partners
  3. Establish and meet your technology and strategic OKRs